Professional Medical Negligence by well known Hubballi Hospital - resulted into death of DJ Shakil

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Mohammed Shakeel, popularly known as  'DJ Shakil' was of 41 years when admitted in Tatwadarsha Hospital Hubballi,  for numbness in his feet on late evening of 6  Nov 2018. He was high diabetic and his sugar level was 357 when admitted. Just looking at legs, without doing any scanning Dr.Ullas Bisleri stated that, there is blockage in legs due to which blood supply stopped and if immediate surgery not done, he will loose legs. His family requested to postpone surgery till morning and can be continued after scanning since as per our knowledge there was no vascular issue in his life time.  But he insisted for depositing 75K cash immediately at mid night otherwise he may loose his life also. Upon arranging cash at midnight his family  managed to deposit . Dr.Ullas Bisleri and his wife Dr.Vidya of Tatwadarsha Hospital carried out surgery at 12.40 a.m. of 7 Nov 2018 

His reports were normal before surgery. The infection in both legs started soon after surgery. His family started noticing abnormal lab reports, which both doctors neglected even though family requested to reassess looking into lab reports. They neglected and said everything is OK even though  infection level was increasing and both legs became  reddish brown and turned to brownish black.  Colour Doppler carried out on 7th day of surgery though requested may times earlier. Based on report, colour of legs and their negligent behaviour, his  family immediately took discharge at late night and shifted  him from Hubballi  to Mahaveer Jain Hospital Bangalore in ambulance. Till we reach there, it was too late since infection was spread into entire body including brain and kidney. Doctors said his chances of survival very less but he may survive if we ampute his infected legs. Though they amputed his both legs above knee, he could not survive. He was struggling to survive in ICU for 20 days after amputation and going through a lot of pain but due to multi-organs failure caused by high infection level he died on 7 Dec 2018.

Doctors negligence of operating high diabetic patient without any proper scanning; negligence in regular check and assessment post surgery; Not carrying out proper checks to assess and prevent infection level;  Not considering for  referring or taking second opinion from expert;  not giving attention to request of family members on condition of legs when they turned to brown; Improper monitoring a post-surgery patient and its impact like kidney failure, spreading of infection in entire body though reports were clear ... resulted into painful and horrifying death of DJ Shakil, who was My only Brother :( 

We have sent Legal Notice to Management of Tatwadarsha Hospital along with Dr.Ullas Bisleri (Cardiovascular Thorasic surgeon) and his wife Dr. Vidya and filing FIR against them along with all documentary evidence

Request your support to get the justice and peace to his soul ...  we can save other's life if we prevent such things, so that in future no other person loose their dear family member