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Make Lootboxes in Video Gaming a form of Internet Gambling

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A 'Lootbox' is an item purchased in a videogame with legal currency which contains an uncertain reward for the player when opened. These rewards can range from in game currency, to boosters that multiply what a player earns, cosmetic items that don't affect gameplay at all, or overpowered weapons and items (which are generally hard to earn for free). Sometimes they can be earned in said game just by playing, but on average more Lootboxes are purchased with legal currency via microtransactions.

Purchasing 'Lootboxes' in videogames is a form of gambling (as definied by Oxford English Dictionaries). What's worse, in recent years many game developers have taken to adding Lootboxes to games as a means to take more money from players in needless scenarios, or give players who do purchase an unfair advantage. 

However, neither the ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) or PEGI (Pan European Gaming Information) consider purchasing lootboxes to be a form of gambling.

As adults, we have a responsibility to teach every child that an uncertain purchase or gamble is an irresponsible use of money. These Lootboxes are seeding the next generation of gambling addicts.

As gamers we have a responsibility to to make developers hear our voice when we say "These are bad mechanics that take enjoyment away from the games you make." A game stops being fun when it's made to be unreasonably difficult without spending additional money on it.

Lootboxes are already tanking the entire video gaming industry by causing great displeasure in consumers, together we the consumers must stop them.

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