Violent Video Games Must be Restricted to Minors

Violent Video Games Must be Restricted to Minors

March 2, 2021
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Started by Georgina Keogh

Does this look like a happy child, or a kid who is constantly immersed in  the violence of video games, today? More than 90 percent of video games rated 10 and older, contain graphic images and hostile content. Do you want your children to see this, and become this? Do you want your children to see this, and hold this? Are we rising terrorists or children? Ladies and gentlemen, I am Georgina Keogh and I demand that violent video games are banned to adolescents, under 18. Due to the countless amount of negative effects they have on our children today. 


When did it become acceptable to promote violence to children? My answer to that question, is that it did not. Video games today, display to children that carrying around a gun, and getting the most kills, is the priority. Tiffany Neely, from KAIT News Channel states, “According to a new study, the average kid will be playing video games for more than 15 hours per week this summer, and with many games comes risk.” That is 900 minutes a week of violence, being instilled in the brains of your young children. A Gunman in El Paso Texas, responsible for a mass shooting, referenced video game characters, leading people to believe that his aggression was instilled through video games such as these. Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and Call of Duty. Do you want your child to be an aggressor involved in this? Video games like these include weapons of all types, such as guns, knives, bats, and many other things. Not only do these games expose children to the world of weapons, but also teach them how to use them! Would you feel safe with a child who knows how to use a firearm living in your own household?  Sleeping under the same roof as you? 


The negative physical impacts of violent video games, can go on and on. Sleep deprivation is a leading result of the overplay of violent video games. Addiction to violent video games, leads children to get minutes of sleep, every night. According to The National Sleep Foundation, “More than 60% of teens suffer from sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation can lead to obesity, diabetes, poor academic performance, heart problems (stroke and heart attack) and even cancer.” Would you rather have your child be healthy, or suffer from one of these terminal illnesses? In addition, exposure to violent video games can be associated with brain damage, and affect certain parts of your brain that are not stimulated when you are focused on a game, for a certain amount of time. When educational, beneficial content is instilled in the mind of young children, their brains develop, rather than break down. Children have the right to live a childhood without the world of violence, and negative images being constantly inputted into their brains. 


Depression. The leading cause of your child transforming from this, into a miserable young adult, who feels trapped in the violence of the world around them. When children are exposed to violence through the forms of video games, it can take an extremely negative toll on their mental health. According to Daily Violent Video Game Playing and Depression in Preadolescent Youth, “The link between violent video game content and depression is plausible in light of research indicating that children's and adolescents' exposure to real-life violence, either as victims or witnesses, is associated with poor mental health outcomes including anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.” These mental health issues can leave a lasting impact on the personality, and health of your children. With violent video games being filtered through the brain of young children, each one of them are setting themselves up for future depression, and ongoing mental health issues. 


So, I ask you, reduce the amount of time your children spend on their PS 5, or XBOX, to less than 30 minutes a day. Instead, your children should be partaking in physical activities,and educational related after school activities. Set them up for future success, and a life free of criminal records, and anxiety. Instead, guide your children on a path towards a life of happiness, and financial success. Sign my petition on, to legally restrict the usage of violent video games to minors. 






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Signatures: 35Next Goal: 50
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