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We want to bring Holland in Italy because we think that he will help the people to be more open to the lgbt community. And because we think that Italy needs no know more abou kpop music. In our country kpop music isn't very knowed. We all need to be more open to new music style.

Even people from other countries can help us with this petition. It would be really helpful.

Sorry for the bad english but we're, obviously, italian.

"New singer Holland, who will make his debut by coming out for the first time in the music industry, is showing off his teaser video of his title song Neverland.

In the video that was released on the 15th, Holland made a muted atmosphere by alternating with the words "We are young and I love you" with the lyrics and conflicts with being happy with their lover.

Holland, who will debut with the music video release on the 22nd, will feature his first digital single Neverland in a story about a boy who wants to get away from the numerous discrimination he has experienced so far.

It is noteworthy how Holland's singing of honest love will bring about a change in the music industry.

Meanwhile, Holland will release digital singles and music videos at noon on the 22nd, and plan to start full-fledged activities."

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