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Asylum seekers are dying at sea and our politicans have the power to ensure they can travel to Australia and its territories without risking their lives.

Letter to
Leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten
Prime Minister Tony Abbott
Leader of Australian Greens Christine Milne
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Leader of ALP Bill Shorten
We, the undersigned, call on Australia's government and opposition political parties to adequately protect and assist asylum seekers who seek refuge in Australia - both during their journey and on arrival in Australia and its territories.

Therefore, we are asking for the following actions:

*Stop bickering among yourselves and have the courage to make significant, courageous changes to asylum seeker policies.

*Stop turning away asylum seekers at international airports - provide safe pathways.

*Increase our very small intake of refugees so we can influence neighbouring countries, leading by example, in their treatment of asylum seekers .

*Invest money in the protection of asylum seekers and refugees in neighbouring countries rather than in tightening border protection in these countries.

*Remove harsh people-smuggling sentencing laws along with the policy of confiscating asylum seeker boats. These policies lead to people smugglers using vessels that are unseaworthy, overcrowded and manned by inexperienced, uninformed and often desperate and underage Indonesians, altogether increasing the risk of a tragedy at sea.

*Reject offshore processing of asylum seekers.

*Stop mandatory detention of asylum seekers.

*Accept that Australia must take responsibility for resettling asylum seekers who flee countries where we are involved in military action.

*Accept that there is no 'solution' - this is an ongoing global challenge.

Yours sincerely,
Christine Young

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