Ensure Proper Security and Parking Discipline For R2 Sector

Ensure Proper Security and Parking Discipline For R2 Sector

3 August 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by R2 Citizen

Dear Amanora,

We the residents of Aspire Towers 1-10, Amanora Pune are requesting the deployment of proper security to support the various challenges including the implementation of Parking discipline in our sector. 

We feel a lack of commitment, inability to engage properly, and a perceived lethargy in ensuring the parking process were a big threat to our overall initiative to fix one of the biggest challenges. Besides, we see that you need to strengthen your security team on the ground who are often reluctant to act for whatever reasons. We find your operating model is not helping us. Besides, we find that stitching your various teams together to get an outcome is a nightmare. 

We demand the following to improve R2 Security:-

1. Adequate deployment of security staff in the sector

2. Rotation of Security Team

3. Training of your Security Staff

4. Full monitoring of Towers and Parking areas

5. Support and leadership to the security team

6. Commercial transparency against the yearly investment by the sector in maintaining security

7. Commitment to maintaining various disciplines within the sector. 

8. Regular monthly meetings with the security team and various committees residents have formed to discuss the issues

9. Review the performance of the current Security Head.

We had many complaints in the past several years that were around security. This needs an immediate fix and hence signatories of this petition would like your immediate intervention in fixing various issues around the implementation of security disciplines. 

Residents of

Aspire Tower 1-10

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Signatures: 200Next Goal: 500
Support now