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Ensure all private parking enforcement is regulated by the British Government

Innocent people that bought and displayed parking tickets are having to pay extortionate fines due to unfair practices of greedy private companies.

Letter to
Chief Executive, Premier Parking Soloutions
Prime Minister David Cameron
Please ensure that all private parking enforcement is fully regulated by the UK government to stop greedy and immoral companies unfairly charging disproportionate fines to innocent people.
Premier Parking Solutions: even whilst there is no government regulation, you still have a moral responsibility to take reasonable measure to protect customers from unfair and excessive fines. One simple step you must take is to provide sticky tickets that can be securely and properly displayed to a customers window. You must also act responsibly, fairly and reasonably. If a person can prove they were not intentionally disregarding your parking rules, and actually did buy and display a ticket, they should not have to pay as big a fine as someone who intentionally did not buy/can not prove they bought a ticket.

My story: I parked in the PPS run car park in Didcot opposite the station. I bought and displayed my £6 parking ticket on my dashboard and then got the train to London. On return I discovered a parking fine. I immediately called the office to query it, it seems - because PPS do not provide sticky tickets - my ticket had blown over when I shut my car door. Even though they could see it on the dashboard they saw fit to charge me £60. I was told I could appeal, but I would be unsuccessful. They were right. I appealed to POPLA who are an independent appeal service. They informed me that even though they did not dispute that I had bought a ticket, the fine - now £100 was valid. I refused to pay on moral grounds because it was not a reasonable charge. I received a court letter informing me if I contested and was unsuccessful I would essentially be financially black listed. What choice did I have but to pay the now nearly £200 (including charges and interest by PPS) fine. I can afford this - but what about those that are struggling?

It is my understanding that there are many, many more people, like me, that fall victim to this unfair, and poorly regulated system that favors greedy immoral businesses over hard working and honest members of the public.

The AA, British Parking Association, private parking enforcement companies and other groups all wanted private parking enforcement to be fully regulated by government but this has not happened.

Please change your policies to treat people fairly - that is all I ask.

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