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No more taxes on solar panels

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Peña Nieto: Petition against Solar Panel Taxes
The import of solar panels places the investment and development of projects at risk of the producing of solar energy, warned the "Asociación Mexicana de Energía Solar Fotovoltaica" (Asolmex).

The Asolmex director confirmed that a year ago the solar energy industry was optimist for the potential of this sector in the country. Since the importance of this resource could permit the fast development of the solar panels in Mexico.

However, the situation is now different imposed since last year puts at risk the development of this industry in the country. At the time when the federal government seeks to boost the use of renewable energy.

The government of President Enrique Peña Nieto has set ambitious goals in terms of clean energy generation. The goal is that by 2018, 25% of electricity in the country is generated from renewable energy and clean technologies, to reach 35% in 2024, he remembered. Also added that it was established the need to diversify the energy matrix in the long term and take advantage of the high solar potential in more than 75% of the national territory that has optimal irradiation rates.

The 300 permits granted last year, to generate solar energy in Mexico represent an investment of approximately eight billion dollars.

The new tariff of 15% imposed by the Tax Administration Service (TAS) on the importation of solar panels puts at risk the investment and the development of projects of generation of solar energy, warned the Mexican Association of Solar Photovoltaic Energy (Asolmex).

In an interview with El Universal, Israel Hurtado, director of the association, said that this implies a strong increase in the cost of solar projects in Mexico, which is contrary to the Law on General Taxes on Import and Export, in force since June 2017.

The consolidation and growth of solar energy generation projects in Mexico is at risk. And recently, the Tax Administration Service, headed by Aristotle Núñez Sánchez, established a new classification criterion, which resulted in a tariff of 15% for imports of solar orr photovoltaic panels.

Solar panels are essential inputs for the construction of electricity generating parks, since they concentrate 60% of their total cost. Its manufacture in the country is minimal and clearly insufficient to cover the current demand.

Currently, there are 36 solar energy generation projects, which will require an investment of more than 4,000 million dollars and will represent an installed capacity of more than 2,000 Megawatts. But the new tariff has halted the expansion of such projects.

President Enrique Peña Nieto said that after Congress approves the Law on Energy Transition, the goals set so that Mexico evolves towards generating cleaner energy will allow our country to stand out in the world as a nation that respects the environment and promotes clean energy generation. They're goal is to ensure that by 2018 , 25% of power will be generated from clean energies and 30 percent by 2021 .

Enrique Peña Nieto said they could easily take their investment and resources elsewhere yet they have decided to invest in Mexico . He explained that the discussion was focused on the aspects of Energy Reform , witch is the hydrocarbon sector and oil .

For the first time since 1938 , the worlds largest oil companies are preparing to invest in Mexico . Grupo IUSA inaugurated the first phases of two works in renewable electricity generation: a plant of solar panels and a solar Park, both with an investment of $ 108 million.

If it works it will be considered the largest Latin America to take advantage of the business that opens with the energy reform and the new rules of clean energy.- It has an installed capacity of 21 megawatts, equivalent to the electricity consumption of more than 20,000 households. It will prevent the annual emission of 22,500 tons of CO2.

Mexico president Enrique Peña Nieto has unveiled a major shake-up of the country by the taxes put in the solar panels , to abysmally low tax base and rooting out widespread corruption in public spending.Mexico’s current tax base, of 17.5 per cent of GDP, is the lowest in the Organisation for Economic Co-operaton and Development (OECD), a club of 34 of the world’s largest economies

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