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Mexico Earthquake Survivor Search: 15 Day Minimum

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I'm posting this at the request of my good friend in Cuernevaca, in hopes that the Mexican Government will listen to pressure from U.S. citizens and international communities in ways it has avoided listening to its own people.


"Hi guys, report from Mex: we're, all the people, giving all what we can and more. Thousands of families lost everything (including one of our good friends and business partners) but the river of people helping never ends. Here is, as hard it should be, the beginning of new times for Mexico. Government now is trying to stop the people, send soldiers to people from accessing the damaged areas to provide humanitarian efforts, blocking and confiscating food and other help. People are now very angry, because there are a lot of people still trapped under buildings, but it seems government and businesses want to clean with machines all these places where people could be still be alive. They want to keep their own political budget intact. If you could send to your friends a kind of info about this in order to ask USA people and civil orgs to demand to the Mexican government to allow people and civil organizations to help save lives and put human lives above business and political interests. Let us help, let us find our people (dead or alive), don't block our efforts. Political parties most contribute to rebuild Mexico."

"International earthquake protocol says there are 72 hours to find someone alive, but in the 1985 earthquake in Mexico there were people who stayed alive and were save up to 15 days after the earthquake."

The Demand:

As a human being I ask the Mexico Government to continue search operations for potential survivors for a minimum of 15 days after the 19 September 2017 earthquake. We ask the Mexican Government to help all the civil efforts in order to achieve the goal of helping its people. It means: don't stop civil brigades on roads or cities, allow people access to information and entry to damaged places and allow civil experts to work in these places. We, the organized people from the USA and international communities, as partners and friends of our Mexican fellows, strongly demand the Mexican Government take these actions.


Como ser humano le pido y exijo al Gobierno Mexicano que espere al menos 15 días después del sismo del 19 de Septiembre de 2017 para iniciar cualquier tipo de operación que pueda afectar o entorpecer la esperanza de encontrar más gente con vida. Al mismo tiempo, le pido Gobierno Mexicano que auxilie y facilite los esfuerzos de la sociedad civil que persigue el fin de ayudar a la gente de México. Esto significa: NO detengan a las brigadas civiles en carreteras y ciudades, dándoles paso para entregar alimentos y ayuda y-o ofrecer su solidaridad de cualquier forma; Permitan a la gente civil el acceso a la información y a los lugares damnificados; Permitan a los expertos civiles involucrarse en las labores de rescate. Nosotros, la población organizada de Estados Unidos y el resto del mundo, como socios y amigos de nuestros compañeros mexicanos, le pedimos y demandamos enérgicamente al gobierno mexicano que tome estas acciones.

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