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Help the Vaquita Marina

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The vaquita marina 


The Vaquita Marina live in the Golf of California. It is one of the most threatened mammals on planet Earth. The species of the vaquita marina is becoming extinct, the overall population of this animal is approximately 30 individuals. They have been endangered since the year 1975. Most of the death of these mammals can occur because of illegal fishing, ghost nets, petroleum spills, etc.  Scientists say that if steps are not taken the species will be extinct by 2018.


We are asking for a change from the people and the government. The idea is to save the vaquitas marinas by enforcing a protection against illegal fishing. The solution to this problem is to create special permits and the people who want to fish can do so by showing the permit at a registration center on all docks. Then the government should give little rewards to the fisherman that volunteer and bring back trash or ghost nets that can threat the vaquitas life. This could also lead to new vaquita marina guard jobs. Finally we ask that the government enforce the sanctuary status in that area of the Mar de Cortes.

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