Save The Dove and Rainbow

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JoJo Homyard
JoJo Homyard signed this petition

The Dove and Rainbow is not just a pub, it is a community. A place of safety for many and one of the only unique pubs left in Sheffield.
The Dove means so much to so many and we want to keep it that way! We are a family. The walls are filled with memorials of loved ones we have lost, it is a place for us to remember them. All this would be stripped away; both the memories and our community.

The plans are to completely refurbish so that the pub befits a "wider market".  Artwork and memorials will be lost, as will the stage and the pool table.  It will no longer be a rock bar, and will become a faceless chain pub.  Also bringing an increase in prices.

Save The Dove!

Keep The Dove as it is and keep our community!

The Dove means so much to me, I have made so many friends there and it is a place I can go where I feel comfortable and safe.