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Support Porirua Dog Owners for a Fenced Dog Park/Exercise Area

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Porirua dog owners desperately need a quality, fenced dog park.

A submission for a fenced dog park/exercise area was made to Porirua City Council’s annual plan 2017-18, but the council decided not to allocate any money. Sadly, Council’s decision means we will no longer have our dog park in 2018, but will now potentially have to wait until 2020 at the earliest. But we won’t give up and we need to act now!

Following the annual plan decision PCC called for submissions specifically about the dog park. We will be presenting our submission on this to council on Wednesday 9th August, at 4pm, 16 Cobham Court, Porirua.

Porirua has over 4900 dogs (and that’s just the registered ones!) – 9 dogs to every 100 people (as opposed to Wellington’s 5 to every 100 people).  Kapiti Coast and Wellington City Council both have two fenced dog areas for dog owners (Wellington has two more on the way).  Porirua has NONE.  

This feels even more insulting as Porirua dog owners pay the highest dog registration fees in the Wellington Area:

There are SO many benefits to having a dog park – for both dog-owners and non-dog-owners. Dogs that are socialised from a young age in a safe environment and continue to have safe interactions are more likely to be happier and more content causing less drain on the community as a whole.  People with disabilities and the elderly are also able to utilise a dog park easier than taking their dogs for an off lead walk. A dog-park allows dogs with injuries, infirmity and behaviour problems to be able to be exercised in a safe-controlled environment. It provides the facilities for a better exercised and therefore better behaved dog population and also removes some of the dog population from shared spaces. The list goes on…

Porirua has facilities for mountain bikers, skateborders, childrens play grounds etc which are not something everyone will utilise so why not a dog park when we know there are thousands who would use it?  Please show your support for a dog park by signing this petition.

This petition is not a replacement for your submissions and support-for-submissions to council. We would still love to see you at our submission meetings and rallies. 

Keep an eye on the Dog Lovers of Porirua Facebook page for details:

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