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Enough of Fatwas and Bans on creativity and creative people

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There are no centralized powers in the Islam religion, and hence any Muslim scholar can raise a Fatwa, on any issue that has deviated from the rules as stated in Islamic text or Quran. Few of the most ridiculous ones are that of 2000, which declared that the sun rotated around the earth, and the earth apparently is flat. Another example is Rushdie’s Satanic verses, which made him so unpopular, that people who didn’t read his book, after the issue of the Fatwa, wanted him dead. Another Fatwa states that use of emoticons is Haram, because it imitates Allah’s creatures, and women should refrain from using it. There’s even worse news: there’s a fatwa against polio vaccine, because it supposedly makes Muslims sterile. The list of bizarre Fatwa can go on and on, and every example is equally hilarious, if not more.

We have seen cases where creativity has been stabbed in the name of religion. Asking a writer to stop writing, a singer to stop singing because the song is anti- ISIS, are one of the million cases happening all over the world.

The constitution of India provides the right to Freedom of speech and expression, under the Articles 19, 20, 21, and 22. Who then allows the passing of such ridiculous Fatwas, which are offensive to many people who follow Islam? If under the Freedom of speech and expression, the Fatwas be released, then under the same rule, they can be disobeyed and overthrown. The same goes for other bans issued by any other religious Thekedaars.

The constitution gives us the right to select our own profession. No one has the right question our decision.

We seek to give justice to the millions who have been denied their rights- the basic knowledge of truth, creativity, science, literature, cannot be repeatedly taken away in the name of religion. We seek the following clauses:

1. That Nahid and AR Rahman should be allowed to sing, Rushdie and Nasrin should be allowed to write, PK and Lipstick under my Burkha should be allowed to release with ease, Painters should be allowed to paint, Sanjay Leela Bhansali should be allowed to shoot, Comedians should be allowed to perform, without any threat to their lives.

2. That no further harassment should be caused to any creative person, in the name of religion. There must be strict laws to prevent it.

3. That creativity  should not be censored, or objectified, or questioned if it's not illegal according to the law.

4. That Fatwas be transitional: as much as they can be issued, so much can they be rejected and if illogical and unconstitutional, the people behind it must be punished legally.


We need to stop with nonsensical logic that holds no importance in the present day. We need rational thinking, and judicious reasoning. It’s high time we shun Stone Age and walk into the modern times.

Hereby we, the Protest India magazine team would like to request government of India to kindly look into the matter and help the creative class of people to work with peace and freedom in the near future. We have had enough of this Ban-O-Cracy. Now, we need our Democracy back.

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