Enough is enough - Support for real gun control action.

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Gun control has become a very controversial issue within the last couple years. We live in a generation where this has become a very common and repeated issue. But what has been done to help stop this?

How many more until there is no more? How many more days do students have to cross grounds, what once was peaceful and safe, questioning if they are really safe in their school?

The country only seems to imply and propose actions and bills after large shootings, but this needs be an everyday concern to prevent our future from more danger.

In this petition, I argue to reinforce the ban of assault rifles again, following the Federal Assault Weapon Ban that was held from 1994 until 2004. It impacted and showed change drastically, just to see the increase of numbers once it expired. So why not make this an official law? Why does someone need a rifle, an assault weapon, to protect themselves? Assault weapons should be banned to any citizen in the first place. The second amendment can be supported with the average pistol and handgun. Most of the worst shootings America has had was with the use of an AR-15, an assault style weapon. Why can’t we just reintroduce this ban? It is so easy so place it into an official law. We have statistics and facts that it showed improvement 100%, so what are we waiting for?

In this petition, I argue to add background checks to any legal gun purchase. This should not be something debated on as well. Criminals and those who do not pass a reasonable safety background check should not be able to get their hands on a weapon.

In this petition, I argue for the idea of re-addressing the second amendment. Everyone has their right to their protection, their right to bear an arm, but with the words of this amendment so bland and simple, it is abused by many. The right to bear an arm gives no one any right to use it to break someone else’s protection, to use it against someone not intended to cause any harm to the holder. We need more description and a finalized statement to exhibit more of it’s real meaning.

In this petition, I argue for the sake of my life and everyone else. As 17 years old, I decided that fear is no solution. I am now growing up in a world where shootings have become so constant with no action, and I’ve decided to try to fight for myself, be the voice for everyone else who still lives in the same fears. It is time to take a step to begin to protect. 

Please, sign this petition to show the support of real gun policies that will help our country. We need action and now. No more fear, no more prayers. We need CHANGE.