Petition Closed

When Comcast and Time Warner announced their merger, it seemed like a slam dunk. Because the two companies don't share any territory, they said there's no harm to competition.

John Oliver may have responded best: "You can't reduce competition when nobody is competing. You could not be describing a monopoly more clearly if you were wearing a metal top hat while driving a metal car after winning second prize in a beauty contest."

We know exactly what monopoly power means to us: higher prices and declining service. Because the day they join forces, nothing can stop them from giving all their customers less for more! 

The Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Justice can stop this merger if they’re convinced it’s a bad deal for consumers. Let’s convince them.

Add your name to our petition and we’ll make sure these decision-makers know that consumers say 'Enough'. After you act, tell us about your cable nightmare so we can show that lack of competition has real consequences!

Letter to
Department of Justice
Federal Communications Commission
I ask that you reject the proposed Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger, and stand up for Americans like me who are sick of skyrocketing cable rates, slow and selective broadband speeds, and lousy customer service.

We need more competition in the cable and Internet marketplace, not less, and this mega-merger will result in a Comcast conglomerate that will dominate cable and broadband in our nation -- leading to higher prices, fewer program choices and even worse customer service.

If you allow this merger to go through, Comcast will:

* Control two-thirds of the nation's cable subscribers, five times any other cable company and 50 percent more than the largest satellite TV service.
* Control nearly 40 percent of the U.S. broadband market.
* Have enormous gatekeeper power over the content that reaches consumers
* Give the company more even more power to raise rates for its competitors, passing those price hikes on to customers.
* Combine two companies that already rank at the bottom of the American Consumer Satisfaction Index based on surveys with over 70,000 consumers.

Please reject the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger, and give American consumers a break.