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Good Humans for Gun Change

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One thing is obvious, in fighting the NRA we need to do something different. Virginia Tech, Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook with 20 FIRST GRADERS murdered, Orlando with 50 innocent people massacred, Las Vegas.....Did you know that with every mass shooting new gun sales skyrocket? Each shooting fuels new ambition, awareness and propensity for the next shooting... One thing is obvious, this isn't working.

I'm just your every day human here, trying to make sense of this increasingly confusing, increasingly violent world. What happened to trying to do the right thing? Keeping dangerous criminals from guns, keeping assault rifles that spray bullets out of our neighborhoods, stopping mentally ill people from acquiring large amounts of weapons, it is simply the RIGHT thing to do. Sandy Hook happened... innocent Kindergarteners were mowed down as if they were nothing. Just last week, 59 living, breathing, beating hearts were slaughtered in under 7 minutes, 5-9!

Let's be honest, the NRA and the cowardly politicians who are subservient to them have blood on their hands. 

The NRA has a stronghold on the American people. Our government will not stand up to them. We need to get back the peace that was once a part of our lives. It starts with working towards significant, fundamental change. Did you know Australia has not had a shooting in TWENTY YEARS? How can we learn from them? It all starts with making our voices heard and our sentiment felt that we want change.

Overwhelmingly Americans support change. We have power in numbers and we are mighty as a whole... we can defeat the NRA together. 

We have all been feeling the growing sense of anger and helplessness as these mass shootings pile up, our news alerts citing new and horrific death tolls again and again and again and AGAIN! Please sign the petition to tell our congress that enough is enough and to fight for gun change because, well, it is the just the right thing to do.

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