Enough is Enough Community Declaration

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For the many not the few, for the planet not for profits.

We call for a future that must be collective and cooperative. We share a vision where communities are empowered, and at the heart of all decision-making, where public resources and services are owned and shared equally for the common good . We desire a future where our environment and natural resources are given their true value and where peace is considered an urgent necessity so our children thrive long into the future.

We call on Australia’s elected representatives, Local, State and Federal, to recognise the failure of current economic thinking to safeguard our communities and our children's future, by neglecting to protect our community services and the environment. We demand our governments abandon the agenda that places corporate power and profits ahead of the rights of citizens and our precious climate and natural ecosystems.

We recognise that now is the time to negotiate a real and just recognition and compensation process with Australia’s Traditional Owners, not only because it is right but because it offers a pathway towards a new shared relationship to country that will benefit all Australians.

Decent affordable housing, quality healthcare, fair and safe workplaces, public education, community services, and gender equality are intrinsic rights that allow our communities to truly thrive. We call for an equitable taxation system, that taxes profits and pollution, and distributes society’s wealth to reduce inequality and protects our natural environment. We condemn the cutting of services and environmental protections, the imposition of economic austerity rather than fairly taxing the most wealthy, as an inhumane betrayal of leadership and responsibility.

Finally, we demand that all governments recognise the true value of natural ecosystems, not as commodities to be bought and sold but for their true role in maintaining the planet, and that we conserve and use them wisely and sparingly for the benefit of all species. To this end we call on our representatives to act on the advice of scientific evidence and move immediately to minimise further climate disruption. Similarly, we call for the recognition that the global refugee crisis requires an inclusive, humanitarian response and immediate action.