Lifetime Ban on Chinese Wet Markets - 'A Ticking Time Bomb' #BanChineseWetMarkets

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Enough is enough. Let's call a spade a spade.

From COVID-19 in 2019 to SARS in 2002 up till  H2N2 (Asian Flu) in 1956, what is common in all these? Goes without saying, it's China - The source of most of the outbreaks or epidemics or pandemics. 

My fellow countrymen (and probably yours too) are either dying or suffering physically and/or financially. Everyone is living under immense fear. People can't meet their friends and family.

Global economy is in doldrums, people are losing their jobs, companies are shutting down or are at the verge of bankruptcy.

We can't keep on watching it helplessly and allow this to happen again and again and do absolutely nothing about it.

This has to end. Not only for now, but forever.

We all know the source of all of these has been mostly in China, especially their Wet Markets. That's the place where all these outbreaks starts. 'Wet’ markets are a huge part of life in China but have been linked to disease outbreaks.

I demand a lifetime ban on these Chinese Wet Markets. It's not something too much to ask for when most of the world is dying and suffering because of these Wet Markets.

Many governments, celebrities and enterprises won't raise there voices against China because they have either borrowed money or have huge audience base or set up their manufacturing processes in China. There is huge price for them to pay if they open their mouth. 

The time has come when we only have to raise our voices against the culprit!!

Enough is enough. Let's call a spade a spade.

I urge you to Sign my petition to #BanChineseWetMarkets and share this everywhere possibleI request International Court of Justice to take up this case immediately before it's too late.

Use the hashtag #BanChineseWetMarkets and change your profile pictures with the one I have used for this petition on your social media accounts so that authorities can see.

Dear world citizen, I urge you raise your voice fearlessly against a country which is known to suppress the voices of dissent.