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Because his WHOLE life is in Georgia. His whole family is here, his wife is U.S citizen,he graduated from Sprayberry high school, and he has absolutely no criminal record. All he has ever known is right here in Atlanta. He was brought here as a 2 week old infant by his parents. It is unfair and inhumane to ban him from his only home based on technicalities. It's not right and  this needs to be addressed by the DHS immedietly.

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Give Enio Cruz a pathway to citizenship

I was brought to the USA illegally by my parents when I was only two weeks old. Everything I have ever known has been here in America. My wife, who is a citizen, is here, all of my family is here, and my home is here. I went to grade school in the states, and I even graduated high school with the hopes of furthering my education. Days after enrolling in college, I got into a fender bender and was arrested for driving with no license. While in jail, I signed a document that would prevent me from becoming a legal citizen for 10 years. I had no idea I was signing such a document. I was extremely scared and signed without having full knowledge of what it was. I have never been arrested before and didn't think to hire an attorney. I was deported back to Mexico. I knew absolutely nobody and had no where to go. Eventually I was able to track down a very distant relative and I stayed with them. I made several attempts to return the correct and lawful way with no success. I was only 18 and had no idea what I was doing. Not too far from my neighborhood, a trash can full of bodies was discovered. I was very scared and came back to what I considered home. Since returning, I have hired several attorneys with no luck. This whole situation is extremely stressful. My wife even had to go to counsling. All I want is the same opportunities as my peers. I want to live the American dream and graduate college. I hope to one day become a psychologist and help others who are going through stressful times like my wife and I. I have never been involved in any type of criminal activity. I feel like a man with no country. Mexico is a foreign, hostile land in which I know nothing about, and America doesn't want me here. I'm starting this petition out of desperation. I hope this story touches somebody...anybody who can help.

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