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This is very cruel. There is nothing humane about torturing an animal to it's death for meat. You have the power to stop this, and send a very powerful message to your people that animal cruelty for food or medicine is a tradition worth losing. The world is watching on in horror.

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Honorable Officials of China:

I urge you to make enforceable animal protection laws a priority.
I urge you to Stop the Yulin Dog Meat Fest 2013

Please do not let China’s notoriously inhumane bear bile farms and live animal markets tarnish your image. In particular, I implore you to immediately enact laws to ban China’s dog/cat fur trade.
Like many potential tourists, I cannot support a country that condones animal abuse. Neither revenue nor tradition justifies the profoundly cruel Chinese dog and cat fur trade.
UNACCEPTABLE: Up to 20,000 caged dogs and cats are stacked into a single truck for crosscountry transport without food or water. At an animal market in Southern China, investigators
documented 20 cats smashed inside one wire cage and dead cats draped over cages. I’ve seen the video footage with my own eyes: Live dogs and cats flattened inside cages the size of filing drawers are tossed from truck beds on to hard pavement. Animals scream as their paws are
crushed. Workers pull them out with long metal tongs and fling them over a 7 ft. fence. Some of
these cats and dogs still wear collars and ID tags, indicating they are stolen companion animals.
UNCONSCIONABLE: Chinese fur markets violently bludgeon, hang, electrocute and strangle furbearing animals, including millions of cats and dogs. Cats are choked in their cages alongside live
cats. Dogs are hung from wire nooses and slashed across the groin. At fur farms in Hebei
Province, investigators videotaped workers carving off skin and fur from alert dogs, foxes and
other animals. Some fully skinned animals continued to blink and breathe spasmodically as their
hearts beat for another five to 10 minutes.
DECEITFUL: Dog/cat items are deceptively labeled Gae-wolf, Sobaki, Asian Jackal, Wildcat,
Goyangi, Katzenfelle, or other names before exported abroad. Unsuspecting shoppers purchase
unmarked, dyed or vaguely labeled boots, coats, linings, toys and homeopathic remedies.
I will not visit a country that brutalizes animals to decorate a sweater, line a coat or become a
trinket. This is the ultimate betrayal of creatures who are instinctively trustworthy and devoted
companions to people.
I stand firm in my boycott of Chinese tourism, commerce —unless
China makes visible strides to end the vicious treatment of dogs, cats, bears and other nonhuman beings. Thank you for accepting my comments on this matter of international concern.

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