Don’t include children in the ‘rule of 6’

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The ‘rule of 6’ recently announced includes people of all ages, even very small babies. I am a retired midwife, a grandmother of 12 (9 of them under 7), and I facilitate a postnatal group for new mothers and their babies aged under one. I am asking the English government to do as the Scottish government has done and exclude children under 12 from the numbers of people ‘allowed’ to meet.

This will mean that families with 3 children or more can see both grandparents together, rather than one at a time. It will mean that young cousins can spend time together during the coming autumn months, and young children from different families can meet and play together. And it will mean that I can continue to provide much needed support to the mothers in my group. 

This would be yet another U-turn for the English government, but I believe the distress caused by the newly announced measures cannot be ignored. Too many families will be separated and too much misery will be caused if children continue to be included in the numbers in England. 

Please sign if you agree and let’s try and get the government to change its mind.