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Bring Harley home

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Hello, my name is Amy Robinson. Yes it's another petition to try and get a child home. My son is 9 months old and has never had a family to call his own since he was born. The whole story goes as follows. as a child i was placed in social services care where it was their responsibilty to find me a forever home one that loved and cared for me, unfortunately I was placed with a family that abused me for 11 years and social services just left me there. Now as a result of that abuse I am losing my own children, they are accusing me of harming my child. Bearing in mind Harley was removed at birth so couldn't have harmed him. i could never bring myself to hurt another living soul whether it be human or animal or plant, because of what happened to me has a child, they are refusing to accept that i have had therapy for my past over 11 years ago. I undertook 2 and a half long years in a outpatient mental health clinic and was diagnosed as been safe to be around children. but because I am still showing that I am depressed and anxious i have not moved on from it. I have told them the reason why this is but they are still blaming my past for it. I shut them down completely at court asking questions that weren't relevant to me. the judge stated before he passed his decision that there had been a case down i wales where lots and lots of adopters are being investigated for abuse. why tell me this then just to place him for adoption. i still have a bit of time to get this around and signed, by people that have known my daily struggles with the social services. they have even failed my own son. they placed him with a carer where 2 weeks later he ended up in hospital fighting for his life, because social services failed to do the correct procedure when placing a child in someones care outside the family. There are two reasons for my petition. one is to get my baby home to his mummy where he belongs and the other is to make the government think families are being ruined and pulled apart by social services because they have classed the children has targets rather than children. they have targets to reach and that is affecting a lot of innocent families and for confidentiality to mean just that. social services have a license to ruin children's and their families lives. Please sign this and take a stand with me to show them that are wrong in their actions and words. Thank you

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