English Belowどんな形でもいい。僕たちのチーム、サンウルブズを2020年以降も残してほしい。Save Sunwolves in some ways after 2020

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Can Sunwolves continue in some ways after 2020

I'm a big fan of rugby.
Someone may remember me—- a man who supports the Sunwolves, wearing an official rugby shirt and red aflo wig in rugby matches both in and out of Japan.

In March, SANZAAR announced that they’d decided to remove the Sunwolves from Super Rugby after 2020 season.
It’s true that they won only eight games from 40 games after they joined, but they always played dedicatedly and excited us.

I believe that the Sunwolves is the best team which makes us together as one.
Because of them, so many people became to come to the competition site and they met foreign super players.

Heard this statements, I and members of WOLFBOYZ were really sad and could wait no longer.

We need this team.

This is why we start to collect signatures online.

We old fans had tough experiences.

It was Tokyo Sevens that was removed from World Rugby Sevens Series in 2015.
Many teams gathered at Tokyo, music resounding like festival.
It was a wonderful tournament but be excluded by not popular.
We felt so mortified and could not do anything.
We never want to feel these feelings.

So, this time we decided to take actions.

If they are excluded from Super Rugby, is it possible Sunwolves to stay together and continue in some way?
We start this campaign to help JRFU and JSRA struggling for continuing Sunwolves, by collecting signatures online.

Somehow Sunwolves continue even a temporary team.
We will support them by wolf howls if Sunwolves have the chance to come back to Super Rugby.

I would like to let many people who loves Sunwolves, rugby and sports and everyone else know my thoughts.