England Squash, Make Transparent and Consistent Draws, And Follow Your Own Rules.

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England Squash Make Transparent and Consistent Draws And Follow Your Own Rules.

This petition is about demanding ES follows its own Tournament rules and be transparent & accountable.

ES's tournament rules are published on its web sites for 2017/2018)
However, at the Birmingham Silver & BJC 2017, it did not follow these rules.
Furthermore, there was no transparency or explanation given for this.


1. ES needs to make the DRAW process transparent and
    consistent amongst all the Junior Tournaments. 

  • The DRAW model which has been used needs to be explained, which model is used and the people who are involved in making the draw need to be made public.
  • ES needs to find a way to make fairer DRAWS; some players drawn against strong players consistently can't be explained by random selection procedures.
  • Currently the DRAW process is not clear and transparent.
  • Sometimes; the top 16 seeds are put on the draw, and the remaining 17-23 players are put in the draw in reverse order.
    The lowest seed is paired with the highest ranking, towards the middle 16 to 17, 15 to 18 etc.
    [This seems to to be the fairest system, it is transparent and an easy model to follow. Players will all know who they will be playing in their first round.Top 16 players will know their position before hand, which seed they will play, whether second round is 5/8, 3/4 or 1/2]
  • Sometimes; once the top 16 seeds are put in the draw, the remaining 17-23 players are put in the draw in random order.
    How is this random order defined, by whom is it observed/scrutinised, how it is implemented, it is not transparent. In this model you might be seeded 17th and playing number 1 or 2 seed in your first round.
    [This is unfair for both player, because, the 17 seed might have a good chance against one of the 9-16 seeded players, also one of the highest seeds might have strong opponent in their first game, where as another highest seed might get lucky and and have an easier game.]
  • In some tournaments, one DRAW model is applied, but in another tournament a different DRAW model is used.
    Sometimes; even in the same tournament, different age groups have different draw models used.
    ES should implement a consistent DRAW model and follow.

2. In the case of withdrawal, the RE-DRAWS and
    SUBSTITUTION process needs to be transparent. 

  • Following the decision, the reasoning for the RE-DRAW, the model used and the people who are involved in making the draw need to be made public.
  • Replacement process in place is not followed.
  • Incident a. Silver Birmingham BU15: 5-8 seed pulled out, first re-draw made and published by the tournament organiser in accordance with the rules.
    ES overridden the tournament organisers decision and asked the organiser to put reserve player to play in the position of the withdrawn 5-8 seed.
    Tournament organiser emailed the change.
    There was confusion.
    [According to the rules, re-draw needed.*]
  • Incident b. BJC 2017: 17 seed pulled out, Complete RE-DRAW made and the change emailed to players less than 24 hours before the to start of the competition
    (Wednesday 18:25). No explanation made in the email or reasoning for the RE-DRAW.
    [According to rules no RE-DRAW 

3. Use of discretion within rules needs to be transparent.

  • At the beginning of a tournament, if ES has used its discretion, the reasons behind must be made public.
  • Therefore clear objections can be made by any competitors.


*ES rules Page7.

GOLD & PLATINUM: Re-draws will only be done if a top 8 seed withdraws from the competition.
No redraws will take place after any withdrawal after 10am on the Wednesday prior to competition.

Link for the new 2017/2018 rules:


Junior regulations -> View the updated rules

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