Engage for a better world after COVID-19 (#Engage4Better)

Engage for a better world after COVID-19 (#Engage4Better)

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Katoikos started this petition to United Nations Organization The United Nations Secretary-General and Leaders of all countries and

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The COVID-19 global emergency has shown not only the weaknesses of the world’s health systems but also how unprepared countries are to deal with such disasters, and how shaky the global and national economies are.

We ask our governments and our political leaders, heads of international organisations and experts to make sure that the post COVID-19 world is more resilient, better prepared for major shocks and emergencies, more fair and focused on what really matters to people.

Specifically we call for:

1. Well-funded public health systems throughout the world with universal access to quality health care, including distance health services (telehealth);

2. Disaster preparedness that at a minimum guarantees the continuity of food, water, energy and medical supplies in pandemics, climate change-related impacts and other disasters;

3. A new economy that shifts away from continuous growth and consumerism towards the well-being and resilience of people and environmental protection – and the same goes for trade and investment;

4. A guaranteed income for all to cover the basic needs and well-being of each and every individual in their country or region;

5. Increased work from home (teleworking), virtual meetings (teleconferencing) and distance education (telelearning) to improve the quality of life and minimise the cost and environmental impact of transport;

6. Reliable, safe and privacy-respecting access to the internet and social media, which should be treated as global (cyber) commons;

7. Advanced technological and social innovation and broad sharing of their benefits – in medicine, energy generation, the circular economy, travel, learning, space exploration – for a better life for all;

8. A new, unarmed, civil protection role for the military in the management of logistics and medical support in case of natural and human-made disasters;

9. Reinforced democratic checks and balances to ensure the protection of individual and collective rights even while responding to emergencies;

10. Strong international cooperation and support for institutions that promote human resilience and well-being, building on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sign and share the petition, we need your support to move this ambitious agenda forward!

This petition is promoted by Katoikos, the online magazine and community-building project of the Foundation for Global Governance and Sustainability (FOGGS).

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!