Enforce Mental Illness Education in the Junior and Senior High School Curriculum in Canada

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It is estimated that 1 out of 5 people suffer with some type of Mental Illness and in our country of Canada, 11 people commit suicide each day.  Due to these sky-rocketing rates, NOW is the time to enforce Mental Illness Education into our Junior and Senior High School curriculum.

I have suffered with depression since the age of 7.  At the age of 9, I had suicidal ideations - by early teenage years, anxiety set in followed by bulimia and traits of OCD - in my 30s came my first medication and now at the age of 45, I am on 2 medications and still fighting a daily battle. I understand the fear, torment and confusion that our young people, who suffer with this disease, go through.

Mental Illness has such a dirty stigma. Our young people have nowhere to turn. Families hush the topic for fear of embarrassment and gossip. Doctors turn them away stating “it’s normal hormonal changes” and it can take up to one year to see a Psychiatrist.

When will we see changes to the Junior and Senior High School curriculum in regards to Mental Illness education?  If our youth are not educated on one of the most important topics in today's society, where do they turn? We would not understand Mathematics if not taught at an early age. If not for music class, the guitar and violin would go unplayed. If children are not taught the proper setup and structure for a great Basketball team, there would be no LA Lakers.

Education on this topic in our school system is GREATLY needed. It could help save a life.  Please, update the Junior and Senior High curriculum and approve education to be given about this horrible, life-taking disease.