Enforce Mental Illness Education in the Junior and Senior High School Curriculum in Canada

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Marissa Dayley
Jun 8, 2020
Health Psychology all the way. Teach them how to self regulate and access tools and resources.

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Alyssa Felstead
Feb 25, 2020
My earliest OCD memory was in grade one.

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pauline white white
1 year ago
Pauline white

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shawna Grant
1 year ago
My nephew committed suicide at age 22 we all thought he was a happy young man. He was loved by many and had a lot of friends . All the girls thought he was extremely handsome . His family never thought he would do this . So there needs to be more awareness and mental health Education.

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Jeremiah Rolon
2 years ago
My girlfriend lives in Canada, and she has mental illnesses that her family doesn't seem to understand.

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Anita Kanitz
2 years ago
Depressions and sucides are often caused by bullying!

"About bullying, there is only one thing to say, break your silence, then you break the power of the perpetrators."

“The common mistake that bullies make is assuming that because someone is nice that he or she is weak. Those traits have nothing to do with each other. In fact, it takes considerable strength and character to be a good person.”

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something sometime in your life.”

“If there are no heroes to save you, then you be the hero.”
-Anita Kanitz

Bullying has always existed and will always exist, because there will always be people who torture other people with pleasure, often to their deaths.

For many people worldwide school is a trip into hell. But bullying is only possible because so many people join it or look away.

In order to make bullying permanently more difficult, all perpetrators must be punished. Anyone who terrorises, harasses, slanders, or shows criminal offenses on social networks and the internet must be convicted as a serious criminal and permanently locked up. This applies to perpetrators and supporters, as well as administrators who do nothing or cheer for the culprits. In kindergarten, at school, at college, at university, at work, in the neighborhood, and in the family, must be punished absolutely all those involved: bullying parents (fine parents of bullies), helpful friends of bullies, bullying kindergarten leaders, bullying school principals and teachers, bullying bosses and colleagues, mobbing sympathizers,terrorizing dangerous family members and mobbing relatives (often until the victim kills himself). They must severely punished and locked away. In the case of defamation, property damage, bodily injury, rape, sexual and physical and cruel verbal violence and suicidal orders, there must be the toughest punishments for those who indirectly kill someone with their behavior, they should be punished as murderers and whoever celebrates it, preferably on the Internet, should be punished as a helper. Otherwise we will not get rid of this problem. No pity and excuses for bullies, they do not deserve it.

I think bullies and their helpers and supporters need to be removed and punished everywhere. In kindergarten, school, university, at work, at the social networks. I do not have the slightest understanding of mediation and conversation, because it brings nothing, because it help the bullies not the victims. Punishment of the parents, the teachers and headmasters of bullies who help the bullies is very important. And helpers and supporters must also permanently removed, it can not be that these people make their lies on parent evenings or teach as a teacher or as a principal run a school or work in the workplace and even as superiors or that they make again and again unpunished internet slandering and cyberbullying. It's like putting a knife into a murderer's hand and saying, keep it up. That must have an end.

Mobbers fool and manipulate their environment perfectly. Especially good at deception and manipulation are female bullies.

My grandmother told me about a female teacher from her school days, who made a very maternal and child-loving impression on everyone. But when the class door was closed, this woman became a beast. She beat and humiliated her students mercilessly, especially the boys. In one case, she beat a boy that he was hospitalized, this poor boy died of the injuries in the hospital. This case was hushed up on all sides in a scandalous way, and then, when another boy almost died of the abuse, this feamle beast was finally terminated.

My mother was the victim of a bad school molestation by the female class teacher in the Nazi era because none of our relatives were in the party and my grandmother had two children dead. The teacher defamed my mother and grandmother in front of all others, and she did so in the church, that my Grandma and my mother were a shame for Germany and as a shame for the beloved leader, because who was not in the party and a German woman who not give birth to many boys, which became later German soldiers, would have no right to live.My grandmother complained successfully to the mayor who put an end to these vicious attacks.

When I went to school as a little girl, I had three class teachers in a row. There were two evil bullies. A teacher mobbed and beat only boys, including his own son, a good friend of mine. He bullied him into a nervous breakdown and into psychiatry. After that, this incredibly vicious teacher left school very suddenly, nobody was sad about it. I hope, this boy has now a good life and a good family after the cruel bullying of his evil father.

The other teacher bullyed only students from socially deprived families, but in a very vicious form and he was also very violent, among other things, he threw the students heavy books on the head, a boy had to go to hospital and his mother went into the class and hit the teacher with a chin hook k.o. Here I can only say, bravo, because then was peace.

Two of my girlfriends were also bullied incredibly viciously in their school.

I once helped one girl friend as we waited for our Vicar before our religious instruction. Boys from her school suddenly came and beat her and threw stones at her and shot at her with arrows. I stood in front of her and tried to fend off the pack and not get an eye shot out or knocked out, which was damned difficult, while my frightened friends ran into the vicar who was coming in his car calling, that these boys were about to kill my girlfriend and me. The vicar fiercely punished these boys in the street and also went to their parents. Years later, my girlfriend threw herself in front of a train and killed herself. I hope, you are in a better world now, my dear friend.

The other female friend lived in the neighborhood and was also bullied and terrorized in her own family. We could rarely met us, her family did not want me to know too much. Unfortunately, I was unable to persuade the adults to help her. After she was violently bullied at school and beaten and punished by her mother, my girlfriend took poison and died a very painful death. Rest in peace my dear friend.

I have always been on the side of the bullied people and childs and will always be on the side of the bullied, in memory of two girls who have been bullied to death. My beloved girl friends, forever in my heart and my soul. And for my beloved son, for all his pain during some years of his school time, caused by extreme bullying.
Through school bullying, two very good female friends of mine, who were in other schools, committed suicide at the age of 13 and 14 years.
And my son was brutally bullied for years at high school by classmates, teachers, and the principal. A change of school always failed because the principal and the teachers claimed to the family, especially the grandparents and the father, there was no bullying at their school, my son was just too sensitive. The bullying included exclusion, mockery, property damage, theft of school supplies and money, beatings, slander of the worst kind, telephone terror, beatings and intimidation of my sons remaining friends. Only in one case of theft was the police ready to accept an ad. But she did not do anything. The State Education Office advised us to talk to the school! The State Education Office did nothing despite many complaints and said we would see the problems too blatant. We talked to the school, wrote letters, begging for help, but they did not do anything, just blaming us. They accused me as a mother and my son, we were the only troublemakers in the school. Other children and school friends witnessing the bullying incidents were silenced by the two principals who were in charge of the school during my sons school time, in some cases these schoolfriends were taken out of school because of the psychological terror of the school and the bullies and the parents of the bullies. It is understandable that the bullied person is becoming more and more lonely in this case. The parent representatives were parents of bullies and were elected again and again. My son became ill due to the bullying and could not take the final exam. Nevertheless, the principal still sent him during the sick time the police into the house because of terrible lies of the bullies and the class teacher sent insulting faxes and we got insulting telephone calls of the principal.While the police used to be unable to help my son in all bullying incidents, the police was suddenly very quick, caught up with vicious slander by the bullying psychopathic schoolmaster, the malicious mobbing headteacher, a intriguing bullying female teacher and the mobbing classmates, and took out my sick son of the bed. But they did not find anything, and I found out that the headmaster was close friends with the police chief of operations. The police went again, without apology, the headmaster and the class teacher did not apologize, the lying bullies were not punished.What a shame. We get after that heinous police action telephone calls of the bullies, we should all kill ourselves and they want to dance on our graves! Many bullied students leave that terrible school before the exam.Even the parents of the bullies were aggressive, outrageous and spread rumors, made bad calls and wrote angry letters. My son then took the exam at another school, but he never forgot what happened. After that I wish my son a good life in the future and that bullying is in the future a criminal offence with hard punishments.

I say it clearly, never forget the enemies of your children and what they did and wish them to be affected by bullying and terror in their lives in the same way.
Only we can change it, if all others fail, the families, relatives and friends of the bullied and also of the bullies. Because we live in bullying societies, nothing will change unless we change it.

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Frances Harris
2 years ago
Such courses should b taught in schools across the globe.

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Ben stacey
2 years ago
Benedict Stacey

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Mike Kelly
2 years ago
Read my other story on the truth about how Jackie Storms really feels about mental health!

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krysta crane
3 years ago
I agree that our youth are needing to understand that mental health issues is as important as someone with a physical health issue. Back when I was experiencing issues with my own mental health issues my parents were told it was a part of puberty and I would grow out of it only for many years later when i didn't look after my condition it got worse and I almost had a mental breakdown. Lucky for me i was able to seek help but unfortunately we are losing too many of our precious child and youth to suicide because we are not educating them on how to have a good mental health routine and understanding how important it is to them growing up healthier young adults. We teach them how to live healthier lives but we are leaving out a big important part in living fully healthier lives