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Enforce legal parking restrictions outside Hardwick Primary School, Steward Road

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Campaign for Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Constabulary to enforce a restricted parking zone outside Hardwick Primary School during peak hours by installing appropriate signage which will result in offenders receiving a fixed penalty ticket if they park on the yellow keep clear road markings.

The dangers of parking during peak hours (08:30-09:00 and 15:00-15:30) are obvious to all those who pursue this route on a daily basis. Having been a major safety concern for years, action is needed before a tragedy occurs.

If Suffolk County Council enforce a legal 'NO STOPPING - 08:30-09:00, 15:00-15:30' zone, offenders can be expected to receive a fixed penalty fine for parking/turning illegally on the yellow zig zag keep clear road markings. Appropriate PCSO patrol would be required.

There are also major safety concerns when parents drive/reverse onto the pathway where parents and children are walking. This has resulted in two near misses within the last 6 months.

Morning drop off and afternoon pick up are a dangerous and anxious experience for parents and children, but with legal enforcement, this will hopefully encourage parents to think before putting lives at risk and use the appropriate designated car parks - Southgate Community Centre Car Park or Hardwick Parade Shop Car Park.

Please sign and share this campaign to keep our children safe.

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