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Enforce Illegal Immigration LAW! Stop the over flood over our city!

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We have no jobs because everyone must be bilingual in spanish to cater to those who dont speak english. Our taxes are paying for their special schooling and building more schools to cater to them. Our neighborhoods are over populated and US citizens are homeless due to over- population in our cities. To learn the law visit for more information regarding illegal immigration laws. Texas is one of the states that turns it's back to it's very own. Whether we are illiterate or starving, it's not Texas' problem. If we are homeless and over populated it;s not our governments problem. IT IS THEIR problem! Stand up to make your voice count, we dont have clean grocery stores to choose from because our tax dollars are spent building specialized education schools catering to the needs of the majority now. We are now the minority in our own communities. We are considered second rate citizens due to the conditions of our economy and community.  Jobs require and request bilingual agents and will hire them over qualified, hard working, citizens who can and will communicate effectiviely to fit and satify business needs. Unemployment benefits and welfare/housing has become a meal ticket for the lazy and not the needy in our community. Crimes and gangs have changed and laws are not being enforced, instead our officials have turned the blind eye to our cries. Due to illegal immigrants being here and those harboring illegal immigrants we are all now just residents of their community. Stop illegal immigrants now, stop paying for them and all of their families to live here and take food out of our mouths. Stop catering to those who are taking from you in jobs where we have to learn their language which as children, were not required this in school, to those who steal all in the name of the "American Dream" at which American's no longer have rights to.

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