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Enforce HR 1148 Bill- You're sworn into serving America not your pocket

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We must send a clear message to Congress-Without our taxes you wouldn't have a job, salary, pension, health insurance as well - retirement packages include health insurance for life. Geting the HR 1148 Bill passed will give us the Hope, Confidence, and Unification amongst the Middle -Class- There's Unity in Community-Every Vote brings us closer to reclaiming Middle Class.

On Nov. 13, 60 Minutes reported on a “special privilege” members of Congress enjoy: the ability to buy or sell stocks, bond and other securities based on insider information gained while performing their professional duties. .

 Americans are unified to tell Congress, Senators, and Representatives from every state (Any monetary gains from INSIDER TRADING,PERSONAL APPEARANCES, BOOK SIGNING, BUYING AND SELLING STOCKS , BONDS ) will be Audited , Fined and TERMINATED from any PUBLIC  office in the future.  Government or Federal Agency.                                                                  .

Every signature on this petition will help build a movement to let government know that WE-the tax paying citizen is informed and won't stand for being sold out down the line. We all must remember that we're stronger in numbers. Bank of America took notice of the petition and decided not to charge the $5 fee for  ATM usage- all the other banks followed suit.followed suit.  Now is an opportunity to say UNITED WE STAND , DIVIDED WE FALL UNITY 4 COMMUNITY- Middle Class is here to STAY.

Politician's have been in the system too long-And forgot they're job is to serve the American Citizen's of the United States- They've enjoyed the celebrity hood of being a public figure to a degree that they're personal agendas and profiting have prevented them from being accountable to the U.S Tax paying citizen who have been paying their salaries. There's so many Government departments asleep at the wheel we need to wake them up. America has become a huge infection oozing with unemployment , homelessness, Insurance companies not being accountable, and people dependent on food stamps and unemployment.

1. It will be mandatory for all government officials , employees to have monthly audits into their banking accounts going back 10 years from 2011
2. Any personal profits from book signing, personal appearances, lectures , and Insider Trading is permissable but 75% of the personal profiting will be deposited into a new Department of government called "Government Dividends Fund" Government employees will receive 25% of the profits that they bring in.
3. If any government official is investigated for not adhering to the "Occupy Government" rules- Then they will pay for their trial in court-and will not be able to ever hold a government position., and will have to pay "Government Dividends Fund" what they're personal profit was and 10% fine on top of that. Lifetime health care & pension will be terminated.
4. Government dividends fund will be allocated into their department and go to paying their salaries. This will create more money to fund our own oil companies that will create 1000's of jobs.
5. Government dividends will also be able to raise teachers salaries, and fund more arts programs for children.
6. Government terms will be 2 years and officials and staff must reside in the zip code where they're employed. any terms after that will have to be served in another zip code.
7. All Government deadlines for passing bills must be dealt with before any Holidays, or vacation is taken.
8. Salaries will be reduced 50% for government employees whose salaries are over $110,000.
9. Government from here on out will not stand for any more lobbyist's. Any lobbying will be considered a crime and be punishable by law. Any government employee suspected of being lobbyied will have an immediate audit.
10. Stop all foreclosures until they've had a loan modifcation review.

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