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Enforce city ordinance! END Public dwellings,begging, squatting on pedestrian paths/parks

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Enforce city ordinance! END Public dwellings,begging, squatting on pedestrian paths/parks.

Would you as a resident of Dana Point, San Clemente, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, San Juan, Capo Beach, Mission Viejo, Ladera or any other local resident of South County be willing to support a law/ordinance to ban sleeping, sitting, waiting, begging/panhandling, parking and/or doing drugs on public streets, sidewalks, spaces, parks and public gatherings.

These activities result in Health violations, danger, safety and other hazards. I have been a resident of Dana Point, Capo Beach and San Clemente since 1977.   With 2 small children now,   I feel lucky to have the opportunity to be able to take my wife and kids to the same local parks, and places as my parents took me as a youth, but there is a problem now.   The problem is I have never felt so unsafe in Dana Point in the last year. So I don't take my kids to the parks around here.  I don't get to make memories that I feel I should be able to make with my family as an honest paying resident who should feel welcome into our local parks, walking paths to the beach etc, when there are hypodermic needles in the bushes, a person with a shopping cart filled to the brim, half-clothed sprawled out on a blanket under a tree they have claimed as their new residence, claiming picnic tables for napping, to even bathing at the baby beach showers.   When mentally impaired individuals/ drifters/ homeless persons/s are walking the same sidewalks and paths as I am with my kids, I do not feel safe.  My heart goes out to those who truly have fallen on hard times, a Vietnam vet, a lost job, etc, but these seem far and few now.  I see more mentally impaired/high on drugs/not in touch with reality/ arguing with an imaginary sidekick type more than ever...  Mentally impaired often results in poor judgment and actions.  My wife drove our 3yr old son thru McDonald's on PCH in Dana Point prior to picking me up at the airport.  Out of the corner of her eye from the side mirror, she saw a homeless/mentally impaired woman approaching our sons window since it was down.  When she rolled up the window, the woman went around between the car and the building wall to her window that she rolled up as well, as a result, the woman decided to sit in the drive-thru in front of her car so she could not continue.  What did McDonald's say/do?  Nothing.  They were obviously uncomfortable.  As so was my wife, who has not gone back, especially since on a daily basis you see someone set up camp at the end of the drive-thru.   I am,  as a paying resident tired of this.  I'm tired to see the congregation of individuals on the street making others feel uncomfortable.  I'm tired of seeing homeless individuals charging their electronic devices outside of Ralph's on PCH in Dana Point,  I shouldn't feel uncomfortable walking into a local grocery store. Our riverbed to the ocean should be such a scenic beautiful route to our amazing coastline, and it is.. for the individuals who had set up their tents and shopping carts makeshift on it.  I'm tired of reading about the number of rehabs and the drama that seems to come from them.  I'm tired of not feeling good about my community as I look around and realize that these individuals seem to have no fear of damaging property, car surfing, stealing goods, results are a soft delicate pinch on the hand.   With these  Addicts, I would like to ban included various activities from camping and sitting in particular outdoor places to loitering and begging in public to sleeping in vehicles.  This past year, we have seen so many RV's, cars, vans etc that are full to the brim of "stuff" parked on our neighborhood streets.   


Whats going on here?  Why is no one taking control and saying enough is enough. When is the last time you saw a sign that read "Will Work For Food?", I haven't seen a sign offering to "work"  "Put Effort" into changing a situation.  So No more.  No more setting up camp at our parks, no more loitering in local parking lots, no more sleeping in cars on our residential streets.  No more "soft handling the situation" Because it's Obviously Not working.  We have a right to feel proud of our community, should feel safe walking down the street, and feel we can enjoy our parks.   


Please, as a local resident and neighbor who have the same goals, a beautiful safe place to live for us and our futures propose to ban all panhandling/loitering on sidewalks, store entrances, parks etc.  Ban sleeping in parks, sidewalks, ban the use of taking shopping carts, individuals sleeping in RV/cars in our neighborhoods etc.    Let's take our community back before its too late.

We are residents all South County Resident should demand better, safer and clean places.

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