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Enforce 2 hour Parking in Downtown Panama City, FL

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The purpose of this petition is to have the authorities enforce the 2 hour parking restriction in downtown Panama City, FL. There are 2-hour parking signs posted throughout the downtown area yet there is no consequence for violating this infraction. As a result, It has become the habit of certain business owners and their employees to park in these restricted areas for the entire day. This creates a problem for other businesses that need these spaces open for customers and clients. An example of such a case; A business owner parks a vehicle on Grace Ave. on the street along side the building in the restricted area for several hours a day. The space is very close to the door of a neighboring business where families bring children with Autism and other behavioral disorders to therapy. Because this close space, and others nearby, is always occupied, the parents are forced to park across the street in the large public parking area and risk the likely chance of their young child/ children getting away from them and running across the street into traffic. This is not just a matter of convenience but a real safety concern for the families of these disabled children. Not only is this a safety concern but other business owners would no doubt agree it would improve downtown foot traffic and revenue if parking were made more accessible for shoppers, restaurant goers and the like. We WANT people to feel good about their experience while doing business downtown! Why not treat them hospitably and give them better parking options?  Let’s do everything we can do to help improve the downtown experience for all involved! 

Please, city officials, make haste in reviewing and revising whatever ordinances need revising. This is an issue that has been a long time problem. Now is the time to step into the present with a view to the future growth of Downtown Panama City and make the necessary changes! Thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully sign this much needed petition. 

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