Weekly Bin Collections For Enfield

Weekly Bin Collections For Enfield

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Marianna Michael started this petition to Feryal Clark (Labour MP for Enfield North) and

The bin collections in Enfield have changed and it’s hard to find a voice that supports this decision.

Yes we should look at creating less waste and ensure that we put things in the correct bins as well as ensuring everything fits; however, the issues are arising because bins are not being collected when they should, and thus, people then move to other means to sort the issues themselves- which often sees them putting food waste in the black bins for example.

In every community, council, town, city or country, its residents/its community should have a voice. 

Our local council needs to start listening to residents and take action to ensure that residents feel valued within their own community. Enfield residents need a council who understand their needs and the struggles of daily life, including such topics that may seem novel such as refuse. 

It’s sad to say that Enfield Council are making decisions in the name of protecting, empowering and bettering the lives of its residents; and yet in reality, the opposite is happening in several cases.

This, however, is a small ask of Enfield council to change bin collections, considering that bin collectors are working every week regardless. So why not come up with a system that not only works, but that benefits the community ensuring that we do not have overflowing waste on our streets or on our properties? 

� The information below has been taken directly from gov.ukand the full article can be read which explores weekly versus fortnightly collections with UK-based examples �

Bournemouth Borough Council – a weekly collection that has one of the best recycling rates in England. Provided increased capacity for residents to recycle and developing a reward system that will accrue points to spend locally.

Lewes District Council – has maintained a weekly collection service of residual waste while promoting innovative recycling measures including social media, local champions and competitions.

Ribble Valley Council – operates a weekly collection over the largest rural area in Lancashire who will be using the Weekly Collection Fund to divert an extra 770 tonnes of food waste away from landfill every year.

The council operates a low cost, high quality service with over 90% customer satisfaction.

Some of the myths employed by bin bureaucrats and deconstructed in the guidance include:

A move to fortnightly collections is the only way to improve recycling rates – in fact numerous councils have managed to recycle over half of all rubbish while maintaining weekly collections. People don’t want their bins collected every week – surveys from councils have actually shown over 95% of residents agree with keeping weekly collections. Councils should listen to their residents. Fortnightly collections will save taxpayers’ money – it is a myth that this is the only way to save money. Innovative solutions can mean councils can protect weekly collections at little or no extra cost. Only fortnightly collections can make residents recycle – reward schemes like Windsor and Maidenhead’s are dramatically increasing recycling. Weekly rubbish collections need to be scrapped to meet European Union regulations - government continues to support weekly rubbish collections.

Ten myths busted

There is no alternative to fortnightly collections to improving recycling rates.

Fortnightly collection schemes reduce the overall amount of waste produced.

In areas with low recycling rates, introducing a fortnightly collection is the only way to change residents’ attitudes to recycling

The £250 million Weekly Collection Support Scheme will be damaging to the environment and have a disastrous impact on recycling.
People don’t want their bins emptied every week.

Other than inconveniencing residents, there are no other problems caused by a move to fortnightly collections of residual waste. Local authorities can’t commit to weekly collections of residual waste in uncertain times.

The only option for a local authority to save money is to move to a fortnightly collection of residual waste.

The introduction of a fortnightly collection will bring significant savings to the council and in turn therefore to the Council Tax payer.

Traditional weekly rubbish collections must be scrapped to meet European Union recycling regulations.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!