Enfield Council & Enfield Cycle Lane Grp. STOP removing our Greenery!!!

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Enfield Council put the GREEN back into PALMERS GREEN.

I and a few residents walked to down to Winchmore Hill N21, towards the direction of Sainsbuys supermarket and we had noticed as we approached Bourne Hill near to St John the Evangelist Church directly opposite to Hedge Lane N21 there used to be a planting area full of roses and we were told that the Tree Officers of Enfield Council had removed all Trees and Plants requested by Enfield Cycle Lane Group.

Why is Enfield Council and Enfield Cycle Lane Team out of touch with reality!!! they know we have heavy pollution in London and they know its affecting all our Health, Communities and especially our Environment, and they still insist in removing our Greenery, it's a absolute disgrace to mankind to act in such a arrogant and cruel way when all we want is the best for our areas. 

The public and residents in Palmers Green and Winchmore Hill have been vocal saying they do not enjoy visiting nor walking around in their areas as it has lost its lustre and they prefer to do their shopping online as Enfield Council & Enfield Cycle Lane Team have made our areas look sterile and soulless, it's bad enough the whole of Green Lanes High Road N13 has absolutely no Greenery and the amount of pollution we get through our streets and roads daily is ruining all our health and those responsible for our areas hardly care... What is the matter with them!!

All they need to do is ask online for local volunteers to help with the planting and the maintaining of the public gardens, it will help create a caring community feel which people desperately need but Enfield Council have proven that they have a very bad relationship with residents. They promised to put the Green back into PALMERS GREEN when we were shown the original cycle lane plans and that was 11 Trees to be planted in the Triangle and they only gave us 3 instead and that speaks volumes about their loyalty towards the community, rather then them adding to beautify and uplift peoples morale they are doing the complete opposite by eliminating which has made our surroundings look even bleaker, just to build useless unused cycle lanes, even cyclists consume heavily air pollution daily how is that healthy for them!!...all you see now in Palmers Green and all Enfield surrounding areas is a island of concrete without nature we might as well not have a community nor a planet � 

They need to fulfill their promises stop letting residents and our communities down...

Let's Save our Nature & Our lives...

Bees pollinate flowers, plants and crops that support other species (including humans). Without bees, our economy and the future wellbeing of our children and grandchildren would be at risk.

That's why it's so worrying that 13 bee species have become extinct in the UK since 1900 and a further 35 are on the threatened species list.

Three reasons Britain's bees need your help today:

The loss of habitat is the most pressing problem facing British bees: 97% of our vital grasslands have been lost in the past 60 years.
Bees pollinate 75% of our main food crops worldwide, including some of our favourite produce like apples, strawberries and tomatoes.
Scientists estimate that it would cost over £1.8 billion every single year to pollinate UK crops by hand.

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