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Evacuate Alamos Gold from Kaz Mountains

1. All gold mining projects in Kaz Mountains should be stopped, and all licenses and allocations should be canceled immediately.

2. Mining Law and Regulation should be reorganized in a transparent, democratic manner with the participation of the relevant associations and the environmental organizations. The cyanide leaching method used in gold mines should be banned as it poses a threat to public health.

3. Alamos Gold should be evacuated from Çanakkale, Kirazlı, Turkey urgently and all projects of the company should be canceled.

4. The ecologically damaged mining area should be rehabilitated via responsible methods to prevent other companies from seeing Kirazlı as an easy opportunity to carry out similar projects and to eradicate the ecosystem with similar projects.

5. Infrastructure arrangements such as water, roads, ponds needed in Kirazlı and it's surrounding areas and other parts of Kaz Mountains should be fulfilled by the state, not by the mining companies. Water resources and pastures of Kumarlar Village should be left to the villagers.

6. The employment demand of the local people should be met by the state, not through mining companies, but through projects that prioritize ecological agriculture and tourism, and agricultural production cooperatives should be encouraged and supported in the region.

7. All penalties imposed on life defenders should be canceled.
It should be known that we will continue to protect and defend Kaz Mountains. We will not leave Kirazlı until the company leaves the forest. We will not allow the Covid-19 crisis to be turned into an opportunity for ecological destruction.

We repeat once again:
“Urgently Evacuate Alamos Gold from Kaz Mountains”.

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1 year ago