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Energy and Transportation Departments of our Governments: Convert to Aquahol Energy Now

Simple Solutions For A Complex Society Made Simple not Simpler 

Clean Energy

U.S. president Jimmy Carter, signed the ALCOHOL ENERGY SECURITY ACT in 1980

Aquahol, which is Alcohol (methanol or ethanol with water injection) was recommended by the U.S. dept. of Agriculture - Bulletin # 771-80 under the Jimmy Carter Administration. It is the total conversion to Alcohols with water providing steam, directly in the combustion chamber.

As we wash most things with water, for cleanliness, so too for dirty fumes. We forgot how essential water is to our bodies and  now our cars.

Realistically, there are no immediate alternatives to replace the enormous amount of oil burnt, every day. But, for every gallon of oil burnt, 1.4 gallons of water is created, from the combustion reaction of 14.7 air to 1 . 

This water can be recycled and wash the fumes, before leaving the exhaust pipe. We have done it and reduced the fumes and most emissions almost in half with just water. We have also reduced the fuel demand equally, by providing supplementary water injection / steam clean, to the combustion. We have several patents and patents pending .

Brief History of My Partner in renewable energy

Nino my partner began his involvement in this Renewable Clean and Economical Energy Alternative in 1977. He became partners with the original Aeronautical Mechanical Engineer that invented ALCOHOL / WATER Injection for the U.S. fighter planes Mustang & Thunderbolt in World War II. Norman Waags. He was the Sr. Research Engineer for T.R.W., one of the biggest manufacturers of engine parts in the world. His Alcohol / Water Injection Pump Invention, increased the engine power by 300 H.P. After the War Waag began his own manufacturing company for race cars and car buffs. By the time He met him, he had already manufactured and sold over 300,000 kits @ $125. Together they started selling to FLEETS. In 1979, Nino received National News on T.V. and Major Newspapers, for DOUBLING the Gas Mileage on a Florida Police Car, with ALCOHOL & WATER Injection. Later Pepsi Cola announced a 30% increase on one of their delivery trucks, while Marriott Hotel's Fleet Director, signed a 40% increase on one of their fleet vehicles. All this revolutionary publicity, attained Him the Florida Quaker State Franchisee - Ross Oil as a distributor and over 10,000 kits were sold in one month! In 1980 the U.S.D.A. bulletin stated that AQUAHOL was 800% more efficient than GASOHOL. Today with the cost of oil, Aquahol is 25% cheaper and cleaner. In addition, if sweet sorghum crops are grown for the production of fuel ethanol, by products of distilled water, food and lumber are available. Yet, with all the above benefits, developed under the farmer U.S. president Jimmy Carter, who signed the ALCOHOL ENERGY SECURITY ACT in 1980

All this success stopped when the car industry adapted engine computers with secret codes to control mileage. The FUEL FLOW CODES were not available, even to their dealers. It took years for us and others to develop by pass systems. Lawsuits by the State of California also helped. Most new cars are now FLEX FUEL. They can automatically burn gasoline or alcohol (E85). America already has over 2,000 alcohol (E85) fuel stations !

Introduction to Aquahol 

Producer Nicholas Kline and our 30 minute solution


Joseph Rumell Founder and President  EnviroPure Industries Aquahol Injection Inc. /Lean Fuels Corp USA Senior Partners  
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