Energy Action - People Power

Energy Action - People Power

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Why this petition matters

Started by Thomas Barlow

Its clear that neither the government nor the energy regulator are going to do anything to make the energy companies do what the governments of France Germany and Spain have made their energy companies do, which is to cap energy costs at an affordable level.

Well there is nothing we can do, so lets allow the energy companies to keep paying out huge dividends to their shareholders.

Or maybe there is something we can do to make the energy companies take notice, reminding them that we are in fact their customers, not their cash cows.

Here's what we all can do.

Email your energy provider and inform them that as of the 1st of June 2022 you will no longer pay your bills by direct debit and you will only accept a mailed paper bill.

When they send your bill inform them that you do intend to pay, but wait until the very last day, or offer to pay by small installments, stretching out the time it takes for your payment to reach their accounts.

The impact of this action will be a surge in the costs for the companies and put a strangle hold on their cash flow.

So you see you do have the power to influence future energy costs, but only if everyone gets involved. (People Power)

In your email inform your provider that if they reduce their price cap to an affordable level, or revert back to Pre-April 2022 levels you will continue to pay by DD.

If this has the desired effect then it will help everyone not just those who pay by DD, but also the most disadvantaged who are on pre-payment meters!

Copy your MP into your email and hopefully this will jam up their inbox, letting them know this is an issue you really care about.

So get emailing what have you got to loose? 



65 have signed. Let’s get to 100!