Endorse Mark D. Melville for San Mateo County Sheriff, the candidate with true integrity!

Endorse Mark D. Melville for San Mateo County Sheriff, the candidate with true integrity!

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Elisa L started this petition to Representative Jackie Speier and

The issue: Sexual harassment is running rampant in the San Mateo County Sheriff's department, Carlos G. Bolanos has promoted perpetrators rather than holding them accountable. Electing a sheriff, like Mark Melville, who possesses true integrity as our highest ranking law enforcement official ensures that there is accountability. 

Mark Melville is the #metoo candidate who wants to end Sex trafficking. His opponent Carlos Bolanos was detained in an FBI raid at a brothel with trafficked prostitutes- some of them minors.

o  In 2007, while on a County-funded trip to Las Vegas Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos and then Sheriff Greg Munks were caught and detained in an FBI sting called Operation Dollhouse in Las Vegas at a brothel with trafficked prostitutes.

o  News reports say that the FBI found minors on the scene.

o  Bolanos claimed he thought he was going to a legitimate place of business to get a massage (Mandalay Bay hotel had a spa) but where they went was a residence in a rundown neighborhood . It has been described as a filthy hovel in news reports. Even neighbors told the reporters they suspected something was up

o  Bolanos has refused to answer all questions to San Mateo citizens about why and how he ended up at the brothel where the FBI l found trafficked minors.

o  Bolanos is cited in Half Moon Bay Review as saying: "There's not much to say about nothing " when asked to address it to the public.

San Mateo Daily Journal Quoted: "Anyone who believes that the decision to be at the location, albeit outside, is reason enough to not vote for Bolanos is justified. If anyone chooses not to believe Bolanos, they too are justified"

o  Bolanos and Munks were cited by name in a 2008 report by Shared Hope International called "Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking- Las Vegas , funded by the United States Department of Justice, by Alexis Kennedy, PhD and Nicole Pucci, M.A

o  The report on "Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking said "Most media failed to highlight in their coverage of Operation Dollhouse that minors were also found among the prostituted women in one of the illegal operating brothels. "


o  Jackie Speier and Anna Eshoo called for an investigation in 2008

o  Now Speier and Eshoo have gone silent on Bolanos. Make your voices heard and contact Speier and Eshoo

To contact Rep. Jackie Speier please call: 650-342-0300 or email her staff persons Brian Perkins ( brian.perkins@mail.house.gov ) AND Mark Nagales ( mark.nagales@mail.house.gov )

For Rep. Anna Eshoo please call: 650-323-2984 or 408-245-2339

The time is now! Ballots go out in the mail May 7th, 2018! Help spread the word! Speier and Eshoo must endorse Melville 4 Sheriff!!! 


Additional Issues in the Sheriff's Department as a Result of Carlos Bolanos 

o  Ed Wood was promoted by Bolanos instead of held accountable after his sexual harassment of an injured worker in the communications/911 division #metoo

A Female officer reported instances of management passing around rape videos and pornographic images (many featuring African Women) using taxpayer funded official county email addresses. No one was held accountable. 

Retaliation on fellow staff is an accepted practice including Deputy Lopez who was running for sheriff (and subsequently arrested at gun point, many charges have since been dropped) leaving concern that these practices could bleed into how community members are treated. 

o  Bolanos has focused on promotions of executive staff as opposed to addressing the critical shortages on patrol which is negatively impacting citizens

o  Bolanos is unaware of the significance of human trafficking in San Mateo County

Other Pertinent Policing Issues:

Mismanagement of Fiscal Resources/Critically Low Staffing

o  Bolanos has focused on promotions instead of filling vacancies and putting officers on community streets or staffing the jails.

o  As a result, deputies are working copious amounts of overtime to maintain appropriate emergency response levels.

o  Communities are short-handed, officers overworked, and the amount of money being paid in overtime as a result of shortages is astronomical and could go towards more staffing

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