Demand a Multidisciplinary Endometriosis Center for Care in Ireland!!!!

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176 million women globally are suffering this detrimental condition in some form or another. Be it chronic debilitating pain, severe fatigue, depression, anxiety, fertility issues, teenagers in school, women in the workplace. 

155,000 women in Ireland have Endometriosis. Yet there are NO experts to perform effective surgeries. Instead, incorrect and incomplete laparoscopic operations are performed by inexperienced gynaecologists that miss deep infiltrating disease, cause surgical adhesions among other complications and, in turn, often increasing pain & symptoms after surgery making life even more unbearable for the patient.

I'm living proof of this nightmare! I travelled to a multidisciplinary team in Bucharest, Romania and had the surgery that gave me my life back. It gave me hope. It validated the suffering I was constantly told wasn't critical or was all in my head. I shouldn't have had to get deep in debt and travel across Europe for effective treatment of a condition more common than diabetes! It should be available here in Ireland. Please help to support the 1 in 10 women living in helplessness and hopelessness by signing this petition and forcing Government to take a closer look at this widely misunderstood, debilitating, social and professional epidemic.

Every signature matters guys! Thanks in advance for your support! �� Here's more on my personal story!