Petition Update

Welcome International Petition Ambassadors

Thyroid Change™
Hawthorne, NJ

Jun 28, 2012 — We are still looking for other ambassadors for other languages. If you would like to become an International Petition Ambassador, simply respond to this post or message us, and we will add you to the list. Basic description of duties is found on FB. Click on the link below.

Australia/New Zealand: Tracey Keen
Denmark: Nina Björk Eliasson
Latin America/Mexico: Natali DF and Milindra LC
The Netherlands and Dutch-Speaking Countries: Anouk van Goens Y
Norway: Sonja Midtlien
Poland: Jadwiga Białobrzeska-Urbańczyk
Russia/Azerbaijan: Sam Aliyev
Spain/Gibraltor: Derek Porro
Sweden: Sigrid Marléne Jeanette and Anna Magnusson
United Kingdom: Mary Foord-Brown, Sheila Turner