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End Mufti Day's at Katikati College New Zealand.

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Its late, around 10pm, and my younger sister is crying, stressed and sitting on her bedroom floor. You may be wondering why? well the answer is Mufti Day. My sister is twelve and this is becoming something which is considered "Normal" the night before the dreaded Mufti day. Some may disagree and think Mufti day is a great idea and a day which they will enjoy and talk about for many days after while others spend it in fear and a mixture of many other emotions i couldn't even begin to list. Now this may not be the case for every student at Katikati College and i'd like to make it clear that i'm not trying to attack these students our take anything away from them i'm just trying to take a stand for students like my sister. I mean if you think about it whats really the harm in you signing this petition regardless of how much you love Mufti Day? you wear your uniform 180 days a year, wearing it for just a few more days and you may end up even saving someones life. Now you may think that "saving someones life" may sound dramatic but are you forgetting the memorial out the front of the Science Block to students who have died? Some of those were suicide due to bullying. I'm not saying Mufti Day is directly linked to suicide but can you really argue that its not going to be a huge event for bullying. I mean look around 50% of our nations children live in poverty, how many kids have to keep suffering just to appease the few no wonder New Zealand suicide rate is one of the the highest in the "developed world" i mean at the end of the day, nobody notices the quiet kid that sits on the bus and is questioned for why he/she is not in Mufti.  Their mornings were bleak, their clothes old or "uncool" and asking Mum and Dad for the day off is completely out of the question. They sit in their uniform and say nothing although they feel the eyes of everyone on them silently judging. They wonder how how long their day is going to be and how many times they will have to repeat the phrase "i didn't realize it was Mufti Day" etc to keep the kids wearing "cool" clothing off their backs.  This quote is taken from the school website under a section headed Student Philosophy "staff who care, students can reach their full potential as young adults"  Well i for one disagree how can we reach our full potential if we are filled with anxiety and self doubts? and if the staff really cared so much why cant they find other ways to fund-raise? Everyone deserves thee right to feel safe, secure and happy so why can't my sister and everyone other student like her suffering? It selfish to deny someone that right and its so simple to reverse this reoccurring problem within our school. And I'm begging you as a fellow student to help me end it.

This particular petition is only for one college in New Zealand as you may have well noticed already i would have done it for all colleges and schools across New Zealand but i didn't feel i had the right as i am not a student at these schools but i am a student of Katikati College and feel that i should have a voice within our school as do all of you reading this. Every single signature that this petition gets means the world to me and many others and we cannot thank you enough.

Students, Staff, Former Students, Parents, concerned Community Members and Board of Trustee members are all welcome to sign the petition.

If you have any inquires or would like to have your opinion voice on the petition feel free to send me a message at

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