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Endemol USA; CBS; Fly on the Wall : Fix "Big Brother" !

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Over the past 14 seasons, we have seen Big Brother mutate from a social experiment to a Survivor clone in a house. Big Brother 15 was especially bad with "various controversial comments about other HouseGuests or other minorities, including racistantisemitichomophobic, or misogynistic comments." (Wikipedia) And what's worse is that CBS only puts up a 15-second disclaimer at the beginning of each show and then does nothing else. That's it. 


Surely this is not what John De Mol had in mind when he created Big Brother in 1999. True, this is a social experiment, but there are clear rules and expectations set forth in every other country that runs the format. 


Big Brother Rules

The Commandments according to Big Brother are: 
• No contact with the outside world 
• Nominations are compulsory 
• Nominations cannot be discussed with other Housemates 
• Housemates can only ever talk with Big Brother in the Diary Room 
• Housemates may not communicate in code and/or foreign or sign languages 
• Housemates must never act violently 
• Housemates must never bully anyone because of their sexuality or gender 
• Housemates must not knowingly defame or vilify any individual or group 
• All sexual attention must be invited and consent be mutual & informed 
• All tasks are compulsory 
• Housemates cannot discuss former series or what they will do if they win 
• Housemates must always obey Big Brother

The 13th Commandment (unlucky for some) is that Big Brother reserves the right to change the rules at any time ensuring that this share-house is anything but predictable!

Just this season alone, three rules have been broken numerous times. 

There is no entertainment value in seeing HouseGuests control each other in alliances and talk game 24/7. But since HGs were allowed to discuss nominations and evict each other starting in season 2, that's all they seem to talk about. It's become a Survivor clone.


Now, I recently discovered Big Brother Australia on Youtube, and I have found it to be quite entertaining and quite refreshing. The HGs seem to have class, they don't talk game 24/7, and Big Brother actually has something for them to do. In fact, half of the entertainment is watching Big Brother interact with the HGs throughout the day in the Diary Room (thanks in part to Leon Murray, one of the finest Aussie VOs there is). Plus there are all the twists and turns, and somehow it just feels genuine.


 Production values are very high and the entire series is treated like a major event. The Aussies produce it in Dreamworld, a really popular theme park in the Gold Coast. The park sells tickets to their live evictions and nominations. The cheapest tickets way in the back are AU$30, and they sell out like crazy. Eviction shows are often sold out. Needless to say, the show is a cashcow for Southern Star Endemol, Dreamworld, and the Nine Network. Everybody wins, especially the viewers. 

Since then, I've shared it with irate BBUS fans on the official Facebook page. I'm enclosing a copy of the launch show from this season of BBAU, which is what I shared with most of those fans.


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