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All the big and smaller cats listed below are most endangered, some near extinction. There are petitions included in this petition, but this sums all of them up. The link provides more information about all of the listed species.

1. The Amur tiger
2. The Anatolian leopard
3. The Asiatic Cheater
4. The Eastern Puma
5. The Florida Cougar
6. The North African Leopard
7, The Siberian Tiger
8. The South Arabian Leopard
9. The South China Tiger
10. The Sumatran Tiger
11.. The Bengal Tiger
12. The Snow Leopard

There are 23 different small wild felines, including sub-species that are endangered. and more info is available by the links: or

1. The Iberian Lynx, the most endangered
2. the Black-Footed Cat - smallest of all wild cats
3. The African Golden Cat
4. The Andean Mountain Cat
5. The Asiatic Golden Cat
6. Bornean Bay Cat
7. The Cracal
8. The Clouded Leopard
9. The Fishing Cat
10. The Flat-Headed Cat
11. The Geoffroy's Cat
12. The Iberian Lynx - highly endangered
13. The Jaguarundi
14. The Kodkod/Guigna
15. The Marbled Cat
16. The Margay
17. The Ocelot
18. The Oncille/Little Spotted Cat
19. The Pallas' Cat
20. The Pampas Cat
21. The Rusty-spotted Cat
22. The Sand Cat
23. The Serval
24. The Wildcat

The reason for this petition is to prevent further losses of lives, which are almost inevitable. The reasons for the losses are as follows:
- deforestation (logging, legal and illegal) causing massive habitat loss
- poaching for fur for fashion industry
- panic killings (people feel threatened when they see a big cat)
- palm oil plantations deprive wild cats of their habitat
- kidnappings from nature to zoos and circuses (should be prohibited)
- kidnappings for illegal pets (should be prohibited)
- global warming

These are some of the reasons behind the loss of endangered wild cats, and new threats arise almost weekly, as governments allow coal mining, oil drilling, tar sand piping, natural disasters cause environmental changes.
However, one of the biggest threats after humans is the global warming. The vegetation is already changing and with this change also the pry animals start to disappear or be replaced by something else, not suitable to the wild felines palate. We all can help to decrease the global warming, but unfortunately it cannot be stopped, even if radical methods were used. The biggest cause is the CO2 emissions of fossil fuel, but the most surprising source is factory farming. It helps to produce tons of methane monthly, and the cost of producing beef is too high, if we think how much land could be used for fruit and vegetable production versus fodder production. Traffic emissions are just a tiny part of pollutants.
Pesticides are one reason particularly threatening the smaller wild felines, and particularly those whose habitats are near farmed areas or catch their pray from water. Rains and floods carry great amounts of various toxins to the areas of e.g. fishing wild cats, whose habitat is mostly swamp lands in delta areas and in marshes inland. And quite often the marshes are dried for grain production. That cuts down the wild felines habitats even more.

Our world is changing fast, but we could be able to guarantee the protection of all these endangered felines and help to preserve and conserve them for the future generations.

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