Endangered Orcas Need Laws and Enforcement Funds for Protection

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Minister Responds

The Minister responded but we had asked her if she will increase funding for orca protection! To provide DFO with more enforcement funds. We now asked her to respond to that! Thank you for your correspondence of August 12, 2013, regarding the protection of killer whales. I appreciate Lifeforce Foundation's concern for the well-being of Pacific killer whales. Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) takes the conservation and protection of marine mammals very seriously. In Canada, whales are protected by the Marine Mammal Regulations under the Fisheries Act. Killer whales are also protected under the Species at Risk Act. All vessels are required to comply with these Acts and regulations in Canadian waters. DFO is in the process of amending the Marine Mammal Regulations to reduce the potential impacts from marine mammal viewing. The proposed amendments are an important part of the Department's objective to conserve and protect marine mammals, including resident killer whales...

Lifeforce Foundation
8 years ago