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Enda Kenny, Prime Minister of Ireland: Preserve & Protect the Women's Right to Choose--No Religion in Healthcare

The government of Ireland has failed to preserve and protect the women's basic right to choose in healthcare. Currently, the Ireland's constitution bans abortion, denying this procedure even to those in life-threatening situation, including women who have conceived as a result of rape/assault.

Recently, a 31-year-old, Indian woman, Dr. Savita Halappanavar, who was 17-weeks pregnant presented to an Irish Hospital in the midst of a miscarriage but was denied abortion and died shortly thereafter from blood poisoning. Could this senseless loss of life have been avoided? The answer is simple - YES! Savita's life could have been saved had the doctors who have taken the Hippocratic Oath to help and save lives done what was medically necessary to save her. While this is not an attack on religion, I strongly believe that religion should not dictate what a healthcare provider can do or cannot do. In 1992, the Country’s own Supreme Court ruling recommended that the procedure be legalized in situations where the woman’s life is at risk, but the government of Ireland has failed to either institute the Supreme Court’s recommendation and/or have refused to pass a law allowing women’s right to choose.

Savita's horrifying death could and should have been prevented. The Savita's of tomorrow shouldn't have to face similar deaths in the future, especially one that is preventable. As a son, brother, friend, and a health care provider, I would be remiss if I didn't take a stance to advocate and support the fundamental right of women to choose their healthcare needs and make decisions about their bodies. Therefore, we respectfully ask the governement and health ministry of Ireland to set aside their antiquated laws and views, and work to preserve and protect the basic women's right to choose.

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