End "Wildcats4life" Club

End "Wildcats4life" Club

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Why this petition matters

Started by Hannah Mgree

Wildcats4Life is sexist. 

Removing abortion as an option for women is dangerous, and kills many people.

"Removing" abortion and shaming those who get abortions will cause fatal and deadly alternatives which many women lose their lives to. Is this what we are trying to promote at our school? 

If a dead person had more say to their body and what to do with it than a woman does, how would that be right or fair?

This school is supposed to be a safe space for all, and seeing posters and creating dangerous spaces.


Want to support unplanned pregnancies? Provide BETTER SEX-ED, yes that's right. Not just teaching about STDS. Provide birth control. 


Thank you for reading and voting

185 have signed. Let’s get to 200!