End Unwanted Calls: Protect Your Privacy and Trigger Leads

End Unwanted Calls: Protect Your Privacy and Trigger Leads

October 9, 2023
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Why this petition matters

Have you ever applied for insurance or a home loan and found yourself bombarded with a relentless stream of calls and emails from unfamiliar companies? It can be an overwhelming and invasive experience. These relentless solicitations are known as "Trigger Leads," and they are the result of your personal information, such as your age, income, and credit history, being sold to various parties without your consent. 

Please click here to read CAMP's Letter to California Assembly Members

The problem is that, under the current Fair Credit Reporting Act, credit agencies can legally sell your personal information to third parties, who then use it to inundate you with unsolicited offers. What's worse is that some of these businesses employ deceptive tactics, making it seem like they are affiliated with the original institution where you initiated your business. It's a practice that has become all too common in recent years.

Two bills have been introduced in Congress to put an end to the practice of Trigger Leads and protect your privacy.

The Bills
HR 2656: The Trigger Leads Abatement Act of 2023 (Introduced on 4/17/23): This bill aims to amend the Fair Credit Reporting Act to prevent the sale of Trigger Leads without consumer consent. It's a significant
step towards safeguarding your personal information and reducing unwanted solicitations.

HR 4198: The Protecting Consumers from Abusive Mortgage Leads Act (Introduced on 6/16/23): This bill also seeks to amend the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which was originally enacted in 1970. By doing so, it
aims to modernize consumer protection laws and provide you with better safeguards against intrusive marketing practices.

We believe more can be done here in California
California has a long history of leading the nation in pro-consumer protection legislation. Now, it's time for our state to step up once again. The California Association of Mortgage Professionals believes that this is a golden opportunity for our state to take the lead in protecting consumers.

We encourage our fellow Californians to support legislation that shields consumers in our state from the harmful effects of Trigger Leads. By signing this petition, you can help us demonstrate the widespread demand for change.

Your Role
Your voice matters. By signing this petition, you're advocating for legislation that protects your privacy and puts an end to the overwhelming and misleading tactics used by businesses that purchase Trigger Leads. Join us in urging bipartisan support for banning Trigger Leads, both at the national and state levels.

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Signatures: 1,784Next Goal: 2,500
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