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"Great Cats of Indiana Sanctuary and Rescue Facility" has been under investigation by the USDA for over seven years. Some of those points of complaint filed by the USDA are as follows:

* an allegation of continuing to operate under other corporate names

* using a defunct corporation's license as an individual

* failure to retain a full-time veterinarian and maintain a program of veterinary care

* failure to follow medical instructions of the attending veterinarian regarding specific instances

* insufficient barriers between cages and visitors

* failure to remove food and animal waste

* absence of a perimeter fence

*inadequate trained staff

* inadequate shelter from the elements

* assorted sanitation and pest control allegations

Last spring, fourteen (14) tigers and two (2) cougars were removed from this facility and placed with new sanctuaries. This would allow owners Rob Craig and Laura Proper to address the USDA's complaints and maintain a proper animal sanctuary/rescue facility.

As of this writing, Great Cats of Indiana remains in deplorable, unhealthy conditions with the animals living in mud and feces, and their living quarters in disrepair.

It is understood that the owners of Great Cats of Indiana will finally be going to court with the USDA very soon. A petition will be presented to the USDA and the Secretary of Agriculture (Tom Vilsack) to encourage them to revoke Rob Craig and Laura Proper's licence to operate, and to have the facility destroyed so that it cannot become operational at a later date. Sanctuaries across the country are aware of the situation and many have come forward to offer assitance if possible.

Thank you for signing this petition and helping these animals find a better life.

Letter to
We the undersigned are concerned about ending the suffering of the exotic animals located at
"Great Cats of Indiana Sanctuary and Rescue Facility" in Idaville, IN. This site is operating
under the guise of a rescue facility, but is nothing more than a roadside zoo.

We understand that the USDA has filed a formal complaint on this facility in August of 2007,
with transgressions that date back six years to 2002. Then, a motion to go to hearing was filed in October 2007. Now it is understood that in a few weeks the owners of this facility will finally be going to court with the USDA. It is time to finalize this process and give these animals a life they deserve in a cleaner, safer environment.

We ask that you move forward to revoke Robert Craig and Laura Proper's license to operate,
and have this facility destroyed so that it cannot be operational as a roadside zoo again. We ask that the animals be placed in actual, legitimate animal sanctuaries so they may live out their lives in peace.

Thank you for taking immediate action to this cause.