End the South Dakota Predator Bounty Program

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More than 15,000 raccoons, skunks, opossums, foxes, and badgers have been captured in the last month alone and turned into the predator bounty program in South Dakota.

The program was just rebooted in the state despite opposition and questions about potentially unbalancing ecosystems from its residents.

The program will be open all summer or until $500,000 is reached. That amounts to 50,000 dead animals.

The state will pay $10 per tail for raccoon, striped skunk, opossum, badger, and red fox.

The state is positioning this program as a way to get people interested in the outdoors, but many question what ill-trained trapping and killing animals has to do with that. Some questioned who will be in charge of making sure animals aren’t kept for extended amounts of time in the traps. They never got an answer.

The program is coinciding with when these animals have offspring, meaning that the death toll could end up being much higher than 50,000 due to young offspring that are not able to survive without their parents.

Protect innocent animals that are being killed without any scientific evidence backing its need up.