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End the Shootouts in the NHL!

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     I have been a die hard hockey fan for my entire life and love the game but they need to change one thing.....shootouts! Hockey is and always has been a team game and having a tied game decided by an individual skills competition is a shame. Those individual points that are decided by shootouts are incredibly important for the teams involved and a playoff spot can be decided by this. 

     The NHL adopted the shootout to start the 2005-06 season and personally I was never a fan. There have been some exciting moments (Patrick Kane) since then but generally they are very boring and a very anti-climactic way to finish a great game. In the last few seasons, it seems more and more fans are getting fed up with the shootouts and today I can't seem to find anyone that likes the shootouts anymore. 

   The NHL has seemed to find a perfect solution in the 3 on 3 OT as it's incredibly exciting and is still a team game, but lets these players display that individual skill every fan loves. There have been some insane overtimes in the past 2 seasons where as a fan, you are on the edge of your seat or standing for the entire OT. If for some reason there is no goal scored, the excitement is immediately brought to a stop by the slow, boring shootout. 

     My solution is very simple. Instead of playing a 5 minute 3 on 3 OT, change it to 10 minutes. If for some reason, the game is still tied after 10 minutes (will almost never happen) bring back the tie. Keep the points system simple as well....2 points for a regulation or OT win and 1 point for an OT loss or tie. 

     I know most hockey fans agree that the shootout needs to go so please show your support and sign this petition. If we can get enough signatures, we can send this directly to all the executives in the NHL. They will see how their fans feel about this and at least talk about it in their next GM meetings. That's all we can ask for right now.

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Brian Rokos  (Odd Man Rush) 


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